Always Leagues Ahead.

All time great Micheal Phelps, winner of 28 Olympic medals, stayed leagues ahead of everyone else by keeping his goals - to become an olympic gold medalist, set a world record, and become a professional athlete - in the forefront of his mind every day.  He never veered from the course he set for himself.  Day in and day out he worked, he strove to becomes the person he demanded himself to be.


This is a lesson we can all learn.  It does not matter who tells you not to try or who tells you it will be too hard.  The only voice that matters is your own.  If you set out to accomplish your dreams, but start listening to every negative voice, you will become discouraged and disallusioned.  Keep who you know you are meant to be in the forefront of your mind day in and day out and you will be leagues ahead of the rest.


By: B.K. Rendtall  |  Sep.  23rd