Cold Temps Cause Colds.


New data shows that cold weather does in fact cause the common cold.  Researchers placed a petri dish in a sterile environment and started turning down the temperature.  After reaching 8˚C the dish showed signs of movement under a microscope.  Sure enough a sample was taken and low and behold it was the common cold virus. At 6˚C or about 43˚F the virus began to multiply.  


"Amazing!" said one researcher, "Who knew?." To which every mother replied with a resounding roll of the eyes, "WE DID!!"


Indeed, the common cold virus seems to spontaneously generate when temperatures reach a certain coldness threshold.  So bundle up because walking outside in the cold, may truly mean you will catch a cold, or more accurately put, a cold may generate on you!


By: William McClanen  |  Sep. 19th