The Democratic Party Holds Rally That Packs in Thousands.  No Masks.  No Distancing.

While the rest of the country is in lock down, one particular entity thought it need not follow what it demands of everyone else.  The Democratic Party of L.A. decided to hold a rally where thousands of people crowded into an arena.  Masks were seen on a handful of people, but mostly everyone was with out a mask and standing almost on top of each other.


Nancy Pelosi was there as a speaker and during her speech thanked everyone for coming out "even though," she said, "it may be dangerous, its still fun."  Living life on the edge is what its all about, she later went on to declare.


Many people say its ok to have rallies.  After all we are in a political battle for the soul of our nation.  Others, however, are more cautious and warn that "you are tempting fate, if you congregate!"

By: B.K. Rendtall  |  Sep.  20th

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