Maskless and Stranded.  No Food and No Ticket.


Susan (not her real name) says that while boarding a flight from L.A. to New York, she was asked to put on her mask.  She reached for it, but found that is was not there.  To her surprise there was not one readily made available to her and she was asked to leave the boarding area.  


She decided she had enough time to go buy one and return, but upon getting back to the terminal she found her plane had already taxied onto the tarmac.  She had just used her last ten dollars to purchase her mask.  Now without any money and no flight to catch she made her way out side.


For 3 days she wandered the airport terminals and sidewalks pleading her case with anyone that would listen.  She ate what little scraps of food she could find left over from other passengers.  Finally after the third night sleeping in a waiting chair she got the baggage check-in personnel to find her another flight back home to N.Y.  


The moral of the story she says "Sometimes it just takes a little bit of work and a whole lot of fun to get where you need to go."


By: William McClanen  |  Sep. 24th