The NBA Taking a Knee.  On the brink of bankruptcy?

Sources say, the NBA is on the brink of bankruptcy.  Ever since the extremely controversial stance to take a knee during the opening nation anthem, revenues have plummeted.  Players have refused to acknowledge that there livelihoods could be on the line due to their political activism.  Many have said taking a knee during one of America's most sacred poems bonding us to our great country would be certain to have long lasting repercussions.


Not only has viewership dwindled, but enthusiasm for the game of dibble has been waning for years.  Many of those that support Donald Trump see watching a NBA basketball game as a betrayal of not only their country but of the man they rest their hopes and dreams on himself, Mr. #45.  Codee Areade from Mississippi says "I like Basketball.  I really do. But when those players kneel during the anthem I just know they are doing it because they hate the man I love, Donald J Trump.   And if they can kneel then I can turn the channel and watch something else like Jaws or something."  This sentiment is shared far and wide and now its taking its toll.


Some say the NBA won't be the last major sports league that folds, but it will be the first.  Rumors are swirling that if the NFL does not figure out how to placate its viewers and its players then they may be next on the chopping block.  Hello XFL ??


By: B.K. Rendtall  |  Sep.  19th