Trump to base:  Better not to vote at all than to vote by mail.  Your vote might be changed!!

Sources, not authorized to give public statements, say that Trump has mentioned it would be better for his supporters to not vote at all than to do a mail-in ballot.  They say the thought goes that the problem with mail-in voting is not necessarily ballots being duplicated or destroyed, but that ballots could be switched. 


Postal workers can tell when a vote by mail parcel comes across their hands.  Primarily because of the shape of the envelope and the special code embeded in the postage mark, they are able to determine a returned mail-in ballot.  Using a special smart phone application available only to those with USPS credentials, a Post Office worker can scan a parcel and immediately see a profile of the individual who sent that particular piece of mail.  Name, date of birth, SS#, and yes even political affiliation is listed out in neat order on their screen.

Recent polls show that an astounding 93% of postal service workers lean left and/or are otherwise associated with the Democratic Party.   Thus there are a significant number of left leaning Postal workers constantly scanning mail-in ballots.  Scanned parcels that show Republican affiliation are then opened, a prefilled-in straight Democratic ticket/ballot is inserted, the envelope resealed and mailed on.


This is a new phenomenon, but according to sources Trump is telling his supporters that it would be more patriotic to not vote at all than to do a mail-in ballot.  That you risk destroying our American democracy, your church, your God, your family, if you are Republican and choose to vote by mail.


By: Mallory Kendal  |  Sep. 19th